Websites and Hosting

We are currently engaged in a complicated software development project. Due to this fact any website requests beyond those that we are already handling cannot be accepted at this time. If you would like a referral to a good web-design company feel free to send me a message. I know a bunch from cheap no-overhead guys to the top-of-the-line full web-services companies.

Thank you for your interest in MagnusFive


Welcome to Magnus Five Web Design and Hosting for small business sites. We provide a complete solution from the initial design to hosting and maintenance. For advanced users we offer access to your site via your CMS admin panel, cpanel, and FTP. To submit a simple web-form RFP click here


Site design, development, implementation, hosting, and general maintenance.

Local on-site photography (for the site) and content creation.

Graphics services (image and video manipulation, web graphic creation and implementation, CSS, etc)

Google integration (google analytics and google merchant center where applicable. All sites get google validation for search)

General SEO and Social Network Integration

User Manuals for sites designed here or elsewhere

MySQL database services

up to 25 Email accounts with your domain name (ex:

Pricing Sample:

Simple Website (Static) $500 for the site and the first 10 pages or features. a “feature” would be a slideshow, drop-down menu system. Hosting included for the first year.

Simple Website (CMS) $500 for the site and the first ten pages or features. A CMS like WordPress will include features like drop down menus and easy page creation. Most sites like this will have custom design and templated feature pages (pages that will perform an additional function or provide a layout not easily created within the CMS system, an example would be a web-form or other web-app requiring code to run).  Hosting included for the first year.

Web Store (Zen Cart with MySQL, custom design) $1,000 minimum. Includes site design, implementation, and first years hosting. Other services include extra features like image rollover for products, google product feed integration, general SEO, Database views and reports (custom to your specifications. Find out where they buy from and what they like) 

These are some simple examples and designs could be comparable to this site,, and for a zen cart, the

We are currently creating standard agreements and will be expanding this page beyond this simple description soon. Thanks for visiting and be sure to submit an RFP if you have a site that needs attention or implementation in the near future.