MTG Scorekeeper… again!

November 8, 2013 in Blog

This site was used for about a year at work and at home to track Magic Commander games, who won, where, what time, what decks, etc. After it was over we ran the stats and the site has sat unused since. Shortly I plan to finish it, update it’s look, and open it for free use.

How it works:

You create a ‘Board.’ A board is basically a collection of players. Say you want to track your lunch hour games over a period of time and use the onscreen scorekeeper while you do it. You also want to play at home with your family and track THOSE separately. You’d also rather not have to run through a drop-down menu of EVERY SINGLE player to set up a game, just YOUR players. A board has a password and a name. Once created, logging into your board automatically loads your players into the drop-downs, gets their card pics, and their stats. Within a board you can add a player and card image, remove one, view stats, and play Commander (and soon, play Standard).

Once you have logged into a board, selecting New Game will allow you to select players for the game, once selected, the game starts and the start time is recorded in the database along with the players and commanders being used.

Score the game by clicking on the buttons under each player, be sure to record Commander Damage against the player under your own name (where it says commander damage to: that player) 21 points of commander damage will set that player’s total to 0.

Once complete, click ‘End Game’ and the winner and end time will be recorded into the database.

Over time you will develop stats to view. More features will be added to help you track your best play, and your worst.

I personally use it just for shit-talking! If you can PROVE over time that your deck can win………well darnit your deck must be all dat! I intend to eventually add a front-page stats feature to show global stats as well, compare your board to others in your area or anywhere else…


This site will open early 2014 and will support 3,4,5, and 6 player commander, and 2 player Standard.

The site is free to use and 100% free of advertising.

See you in 2014